Golden Retrievers voor vriendschap

Of Barnsley Gold

Oosterwolde (Friesland)


Barnsley Gold Hogmanay


ED: 0-0
DNA tested

Ninthe's pedigree can be found through the following link

Ninthe was born at the kennel Hogmanay from my friends. In February 2011 a beautiful bitch was added to their pack (Islay) and I feel in love immediately! A year later, in 2012 they had breedingplans with Islay and on September 12th 2012 my little girl was born.

Ninthe is a real girl, a little mischievous, ever so sweet and with lots of selfconfidence. With her tender smile she makes everybody to cuddle her.

On March 25th 2015 Ninthe became mother of her first litter and on May 23th 2017 she got her second one. She did extremely well both times and is now "retired."

Ninthe with her son Chase (on the left) and her daughter Silby from our First Litter. (July 2016)


Ninthe 20 months

Ninthe 4 years old

Ninthe 6 years old.